Sunday, November 29, 2009

What is art?

This last week while I was at the MOA with family, I started pondering "what really is art?" This weekend I decided to let my inner artist out. Here are the results:



She how much I love you!!! Notice the "stress" signs mixed in. I am quite proud of my 7 hours of handy work. I don't know why my roommates are not more thankful. They always complain about the darkness of their room, so I just took the liberty of umm.... lightening it up?
500 pieces of paper- $7.98
3 rolls of tape- $5.00
The look of my roommates faces- priceless

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Making history

That's right. Two posts in one day. I am actually just stealing these pictures from Sophie for my family to see. Sorry Soph. Perhaps with time you can forgive me. I love these pictures despite how unflattering they are. They depict our everyday life. There's not a day that goes by that I don't have someone jumping on me whether I am laying down or standing. In this case, Sophie was trying to tap a nap at some ridiculous time in the evening. Naturally I wanted to help her sleep at night by waking her from her unneccesary slumber. Somehow, Lana joined in.


This Thanksgiving break was much needed. I really think that I was starting to go crazy! The night before Thanksgiving I had to work. I thought that it would be easy since it was the night shift and most people would be asleep. WRONG! It was ridiculous. Even the nurse had pitty on me. Between massive amounts of blood, puke, and just plain whinyness I somehow managed to survive. A resident even fell out of bed on purpose and claimed that he broke his hip. Seriously? We all knew that he was faking it because he has come up with different excuses to go to the hospital every night since he was admitted. He has been in the facility for almost 2 weeks now. Despite the fact that he was obviusly lying, I still had to monitor him and take his vitals every 15 mins which means that I didn't have time for the rest of my 30 patients. It was such a frustrating night, but at least it is over now.
Thankgiving went much better. The Lees invited me over for dinner. We went to Grandma Bingham's house. The food was delicious although I was partially asleep the whole time. I am so glad that I was able to spend this time with Sophie and her family. They are too good to me.
Today, I was able to see Mike and Debbie. We had so much fun together. I love them so much. We went out to lunch at the Happy Sumo. Thanks Lauren for directions. They also let me drive their new Dodge pick em up truck. Oh I miss driving big trucks. Next, we went to the dollar movie theater and saw Surrogates. I really liked the movie. I had actually heard nothing about it before. I love going to movies where I don't know what to expect. Afterwards, we went to the MOA. I forgot how amazing that place is. I definitely should go more often. Last, we went Laser tagging. It was super fun. We were somehow able to convince the guy to just let the 3 of us go. This allowed us all to be on our own team. It was awesome to have the whole course to ourselves. I should have totally won too. Apparently, the rankings are based on accuracy, not on the amount of kills. If it was based on the amounts of kills, I would have won. Mike was such a cheater. He covered his sensors with his hands and hat. He is such a punk. He always has been. I guess some things just don't change. I was also informed that Mike and Debbie are seriously considering moving to Provo soon!!! I can't even handle it. It makes me giddy just to think about it. Can you imagine? They would like to buy a house too. Hopefully, everything works out and Mike is able to come here in the fall for grad school. To top the day off, I got a letter from my friend Josh who is on his mission in Australia. It is so great hearing from missionaries. Although, he did chastise me for not writing him very often. Oops. I guess I deserved it. Also, I was able to briefly talk to Lana and Hilary on skype. It was very brief due to the fact that they couldn't hear a word that I was saying, but it was great seeing their faces. I guess it didn't seem real that Lana was visiting Hilary until I saw Hilary's face on the screen. Oh how I miss that girl. And Lana too, of course.
Currently, I am suffering from Lauren syndrome. I cannot decide upon a major. I think I have picked a winner. Are you ready for this? Wildlife Biology! I am quite excited because I really do love everything about it. I would like to specialize in marine biology. I think that it would be amazing. It also allows me different options when I graduate. I can either go to med/PA school or continue in marine biology. Oh there is just so many options. I rearranged my school schedule to start working on this major. There are so many classes were I just get to go play outside. I can't imagine anything more exciting.
Tomorrow is the BYU vs Utah game. Oh how I wish that we had cable right now. Never the less, I shall find a way to view this glorious game. This break has been wonderful, but I am ready for my family (Lauren, Nicole, Lana, and Sophie) to come back to me. The house is far too quiet. To cover the silence, I blast country music all day, so I guess living alone has its advantages.