Sunday, May 31, 2009


Day 1 Sunday May 31st

I awake this morning at 6:30 am to my mother singing some hideous to the ears song entitled "wakey wackey wackey wakey". I was then informed that the animals needed to be taken care of. Will and I took the horses down to the pump house pasture and then came back and took care of the lambs. Once our animal husbandry was over we preceeded to the yard. We cleaned up here and there, carried rocks, and raked up branches. Around 9 am, we hopped in the shower to clean ourselves up to go see grandma in Spokane or in becky's terms spo-cane. My grandma was as crazy as usual. She caught us up on all the family gossip and exhausted us with her usual negative backstabbing attitude. Oh how I love that woman, no really I do. While in Spokane, we went out to Chinese food. It was delicious! I felt bad for all the tables around us because my grandma was on a roll and talking crap about everyone. It didn't take long to clear that place out. We arrived home around 8. We fetched the horses from the pump house and then fed the rest of the animals. After our chores were done, Will and I made a home made gun from metal piping, gun powder, tissue paper, lots of duct tape, and marbles. Will drove the van down to the wildlife refuge where there was lots of water just in case anything went wrong. We set everything up and of course anything that could go wrong went wrong. The gun backfired and started a fire in the dead dry plants. We quickly ran over and tried to stomp it out as best we could. We then found some buckets in the car and ran down to the ponds quick to load up with water. It was a close call but the fire was all put out. I returned home covered in ash and smelling like smoke. Our parents just chuckled a little and looked the other way; no questions were asked. That's probably for the best.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's official!

From here on out, I shall be known as Reverend Paige Neuenschwander. That's right I can now officiate weddings, baptisms, etc. because I'm an ordained minister!!! When I actually have money, I will order my certificate and hang it on the wall. I have the perfect spot picked out.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New life

Feliz Cinco de Mayo pussygato. The other day we (lana and I) were watching speedy gonzalez and absolutely loved it when they called the cats pussygatos. Ho ho so clever. Being the great roommate that I am, I brought home ingredients to make taco wagon style tacos today. They were delicious if I do say so myself. Lana even made up a song in broken spanish about cinco de mayo. I also cut through the tip of my fingernail with one of her ridiculously sharp knives. I couldn't believe it especially since my nails are super thick!
For the first time ever I'm changing my major. I have decided that I need a major that I can do something with once I graduate. Exercise Science is not that major. I'm changing my major to athletic training or in other words sports medicine. It's basically the same thing but more practical. I'm also considering just double majoring since they are so similar. I have to apply for this major which stinks because I will be set back a semester, but it will be worth it. Today, I got into my intro to athletic training class that I have been trying to get into for-ev-er! School wise things are looking up. Today, was my second day of my CNA class. Oh my goodness it is soooooo boring. It takes the instructor 5 hrs a day to say things she could say in 15 mins or less. It's so frustrating. Most of the things we talk about is just common sense or I have already learned about in my pre-med classes. Yeah that's right pre-med at BYU! I'm getting the feeling that I'm slightly over qualified for this course. The upside is that I wrote a letter to a missionary today, practiced writing left handed, drew LOTS of pictures, and now know that I can count backwards from 10,000 several times. I'm trying to think of activities to do for tomorrow. Would it be rude to bring in a coloring book? Anyways, the house life is awesome! The ward is... awesome! Most importantly the roommate is... awesome! Also, we get to take our garbage can out to the road today yeah that's right our garbage can, we are legit now.