Saturday, March 27, 2010

Holi Holi Holi

The color festival was today at the Hare Krishna temple.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Lana told me one day that I would never be able to scare her. I have just proved her wrong today. She was leaving for work so I pretending to leave before her. I had already moved my car earlier in the day to the street so it looked like I was gone. I snuck into her locked van and hid in the very back. When she had gotten down the street a ways, I popped up and yelled "SMILE." That is when I got this beauty. She instantly yelped and slammed on the brakes. Perfection.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thinkin' cap

This next week is midterms. Consequently, I have 5 papers due tomorrow (monday). I have tried all weekend to work on these papers, but between ward activities and Lana's birthday weekend festivities the papers were not touched. One paper was 6 pages while the rest were shorter. I still have one more to do tonight. I have written the equivalent of 12 pages with 2 more to go. These papers are even good literary pieces, not hastily put together junk. I accredit my success my thinkin' cap. It is my coon skin hat that I got from Lana for Christmas. I have been wearing it all day, even when we have had guests at the house. It also gave me the great idea of moving Matt's car. I snuck out in the middle of our documentary movie and moved it behind the house. I then snuck back in and replaced the keys. He didn't have a clue! He looked a bit worried when he and Lana came back in and told us that the car was gone. He had the "I am super mad because my car got towed" look on his face. Gotcha!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I got those pads for Sophie on her birthday. They were a joke because she had injured herself quite badly when longboarding not too long before her birthday. She humored me and put them on, so I could snap a few pictures of her. She is such a trooper. I do love these pictures. Her facial expressions are priceless.

Oh how I miss childhood science experiments

Here are some before and after pictures. Lauren and I decided to start them in the kitchen yesterday after we got done cleaning. The tree is mine. I got it at the Clark planetarium in Salt Lake when Will was here in August. We were supposed to make it together, but we never did. It was a beautiful full tree until the Canadian "accidently" bumped it.

Broom hockey=new favorite hobby

After a late night of mingling and sipping cocktails, I needed my sleep this morning to prepare for the day ahead. I woke up to the smell of waffles. Wonderful. Roommates Sophie and Lulu had made breakfast. After breakfast, Lauren, Sophie, Lulu, and I went to the ward activity. I had never played broom ball before. It was so amazing. Granted, I spent more time on my bottom on the ice than actually running for the ball, nonetheless, I had so much fun. My elbows and hips are super tender and I can already feel bruises and bumps coming in, but it was totally worth it. At first I was on a great team with Sophie and Lulu. We were winning about half of our games, but then I got transferred to another team that wasn't very good. They were playing the reigning champion team and we actually won! My team gave me the credit for their success. I decided that I will take that credit. The best part is when I run into guys from our ward throughout the day and they compliment me on my playing. I can't help but smile. After the ward activity, some guys from the ward came over and checked out our cocktail stock. We sat around and chatted while sipping cocktails once again.

This afternoon/early evening, Lauren and I went to the grocery store and then to a documentary showing entitled "I am Chris Purdie" at Velour.

Tonight, I think that I am supposed to watch anime movies with Lana and begin the celebration of her birthday that is tomorrow. What happened to today? This was supposed to be my homework day, but what a wonderful day it has been.

Call me Miss Flinestone, I can make your bedrock

The cocktail party was a total success. We had a lot of fun. The first few pictures show the clean house. Lauren and I spent a great deal of the day Friday cleaning and buying supplies for the party. We had a steady flow of people throughout the night. Everyone dressed up in their finest and we had jazz music playing in the background. Although, the biggest hit was the nintendo. Someone fired up the James Bond Goldeneye game. Their reasoning was that this was a classy party and James Bond is a classy gentleman. Whatever, it worked. Everyone took turns playing the game. A couple of people even busted out with the guitars. We just set everything out in the kitchen and people mixed their own drinks. We had a few recipes on the chalkboard above the table. Everyone enjoyed the drink entitled "Safe Sex On The Beach." The evening turned out quite well. We still have massive amounts of left over soda water, various juices, half and half, and margarita mixes.

Tea time

Last saturday, our relief society had a tea party to celebrate the RS's birthday. The last time I went to the tea party was probably over 10 years ago. Anyways, I thought that the tea party turned out well.