Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mixed feelings about winter

I have never really been a big fan of winter. Unless you are into snow sports it's useless. Because this is my last winter here in Utah, I decided that I would finally stop fighting and embrace it. So far, I feel that I have done a good job. I have gone sledding, cross country skiing, to the World Cup Freestyle skiing, and even danced in the snow. BUT today I draw the line! This morning I woke up and found a brand new dusting of snow on the ground. I made it about two steps off of my front porch before I slipped. My legs flew up over my head and I landed hard on my back/side. I couldn't believe it! First, I looked around to make sure that no one saw. There was no one around. Then, between gasps for breath I half groaned half giggled to myself. Off in the distance I could hear the bus coming. I crawled/dragged myself to a non icy spot and got to my feet. Not wanting to be late for class, I booked it down the street slipping, sliding, and arms flailing the whole way. I was such a mess and I definitely was not going to make the bus stop before the bus. Thank goodness the bus driver took pity on me and picked me up. After my performance, I was a bit embarrassed so I went to the very back of the bus. Once seated, I felt a warm trickle running down my face. I had a bloody nose. I searched my bag for anything to use to wipe it up. I had nothing except for my Alzheimer's research paper that I had spent the last several days writing. I promptly shoved CDC's recommendations and the University of Maryland Medical Center's clinical trials on my face and up my nose to stop the bleeding. Once I finally got to school, I ran to the nearest kiosk to re-print my paper. Thank goodness I brought my computer to school so I could pull the paper up. I pulled out my computer and noticed a crack on the cover and a missing piece of plastic that covers the vent on the side. Seriously! I quickly printed the papers and scurried across campus to my little classroom in the RB. I was still late to class, but at least I got both papers turned in today. Only 1 more paper, a presentation, and a test left to do this week. Oh how I love midterms. Tonight, I told Lauren that I feel like an 80 year because I am so stiff and sore. I can hardly function. Bruises are already forming on my butt and shoulder blades, but if I was really an 80 year old I probably would have broken a hip and would be in a nursing home right now recovering. After all is said and done, I am glad that I still got my papers in, that I am not a geriatric, and that winter will be over in just a few months.