Wednesday, April 28, 2010



On Monday, I decided to start running. So far, I have not been very consistant, but it was quite the adventure. We went about 2 miles. You know how some people run with their dogs? Well, I ran with the horse. Will also came along. Afterwards, we came back and brushed the horse, Paddy, out while she munched on grass and we caught our breaths.


Mike and Debbie were in town last week. They were looking for a house in Provo because they are coming here in the fall for grad school. On Thursday, we went up in Provo Canyon to go shooting.
The view from our trap shooting spot.

These are the targets from shooting the 22.




Debbie did awesome on the shotgun. She showed us all up.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What have we been reduced to?

No toilet paper+ poor roommates


The use of napkins.

Finals time

I have taken 5 finals with one to go. My easiest final was for my animal husbandry class. All we did was go to my professor's alpaca farm and visit the neighboring farms in the area. We traveled about an hour south to Moroni which is where my professor lives. We went to a turkey farm, goat farm, sheep farm, dairy farm, turkey processing plant, and of course my professor's alpaca farm. My professor and his wife fed us a great turkey dinner. It was delicious. All these pictures were taken from my cell phone so please forgive the poor quality.

This is my class all dressed up to go into the turkey processing plant. Let me just say that the movie Food Inc. is crap.

The dairy cows loved me and followed me along the fence as I walked.

On the milking carousel. I am amazed at how efficient this farm is. They recycle their manure into electricity and water.

This mare and foal were at the sheep farm. Our teacher was explaining the ins and outs of sheep farming when he realized that 90% of the class left to look at the horses. He gave in and came and looked at the horses with us.

These goats absolutely adored me. I forgot how good goats smell. Aside from horses, they are my favorite smell. My class was lined up along the fence and three goats came up just to me. One was rubbing its head on my boot and then I had one for each hand. My professor couldn't believe it.
He said that I am a goat whisperer.

I forgot how funny turkeys are. This barn had 6,000 turkeys in it. They were so curious and came right up to us and pecked at our boots.

Funeral fit for a King

Our last goldfish died this week. His name is Gandalf the White. We originally had 4 fish from a prank that Lulu and Sophie did on April 1st. They put goldfish in the bathtub. We named all the fish, but sadly they didn't last very long.

Easter Weekend

Easter/conference weekend was so much fun. Mike and Debbie came on Sunday. We colored eggs and then went on a easter egg hunt at the rock castle. We each hid eggs for the others. It was quite amusing. People even got quite creative in their hiding spots. Next year, you're goin down, Debbie! Afterwards, we came home and had a wonderful easter dinner. After dinner, we watched Kung Fu Panada and swam at Mike and Debbie Motel. On Monday, we went out for breakfast and then met the tow man at Sophie's house to get my car to the shop. The hydralics for the clutch went out. Debbie went off and hung out with her friend from high school while Mike and I took care of car stuff and then we out to lunch for Indian food. It was quite good. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but Mike wasn't a real big fan. My favorite part was the "white bread."