Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beyonce would make the BEST hula hooper!

Nicole and I were watching a Beyonce music video last night. Wow, she is an amazing dancer. We both agreed that she would also be the best hula hooper.
I am adding this video to disgust Nicole and Lauren. While Hula Hooping, we listen to music. Some great, some not so great. This particular song is one of the not so great ones.

The Lord is looking out for me

I took my car into the shop today to get it fixed. My problems all started immediately when I got back from Rexburg, a strange noise was coming from underneath my hood. It wasn't very loud, but it was different than the usual purr of the cracker box. I went to the shop to get an estimate and to see if they knew what was going on. It turns out that the crankshaft was loose. The estimate he gave me was $450. Since I definitely did not have this money, I decided to park it and talk to my parents. My dad talked to the guy and was able to get the price down to nearly half of the estimate. He informed the guy that genuine Honda parts for a 20 yr old car was not neccessary. This afternoon I went in to retrieve my car. The guy was amazed that it was still running. By today, the soft unusual noise was a loud clunking. It sounded like it was going to fall apart on the spot. Keep in mind that I couldn't have traveled more than 5 miles since I first heard the noise when arriving in Provo. This problem progressed VERY quickly. The mechanic gave me back my parts and showed me what the problem was. A little key that is no bigger than 1/4 inch across had hollowed out a hole that is at least 1 inch across. This hole is supposed to just barely fit the key. This happened because a bolt was completely stripped so it wasn't holding anything together. This caused everything to rub and become destroyed. The mechanic said that someone had to be looking out for me. There is no way that I should have made it back from Rexburg. I do believe that someone is looking out for me. My dad said that he was very impressed with me. He said that most people wouldn't have noticed the strange sound let alone check it out until the car was completely dead. I see myself as a semi car savy kind of girl, but I know that the Lord opened my ears to hear this sound. Since my car problems progressed so quickly, my whole engine would have been ruined if I hadn't gotten it to the mechanic immediately. To replace an engine would cost more than my car was worth 10 yrs ago. But the problem was caught quickly and my car is once again running like a champ!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I live in a house of giants... and one fun sized

I know this is nearly impossible to see, but we measured everyone's height tonight. Everyone is bunched up at the top except sophie's mark is down towards the bottom.

Warning: This post is very random

These are our game faces for the ward dodge ball night. We all did very well. I even got the bishop out! I was quite proud of myself.

This is my christmas present. What a wonderful tool set it is. It will come in use especially now since my car is currently having issues.

This is part of my kitten family. Will had a laser pointer and they would follow it all over the house. They were such a joy during christmas break.

Will got a 12 gauge shot gun for christmas. Naturally, we have to test it out. Will, his friend Blaine, My dad, Brother Dean (whose land we were on), and I went trap shooting. It was a lot of fun. Blaine was an amazing shot.

Also, this last weekend I went to see the play Tartuffe with my friend Erin. It was a very amusing and clever play. I am glad that I had the opportunity to go.

New Year, New Semester

So far, this new semester is going quite well. Yes, I am still very stressed, but I have decided that I will feel this way until I graduate. I am trying harder this semester to not let the little things get to me. I WILL keep my stress level down.
During the Martin Luther King Day weekend, I went to Rexburg to visit Mike and Debbie. I had sooooooo much fun. On friday night, we went out to Olive Garden in Idaho Falls. It has been many years since I have had Olive Garden. Saturday we went snowboarding. I definitely struggled but both Mike and Debbie were very patient with me and attempted to teach me how the pros do it. Poor Mike would go down the mountain backwards so he could hold me up. What a champ! I had a lot of fun though. I would like to try again sometime in the near future to see if I could actually master the art of snowboarding. That night, Debbie and I went and played tennis. We made a great doubles team! Sunday was a little challenging for me. My rear was so sore that it was nearly impossible to sit still in hard seats for three whole hours. If the lessons weren't so good, I might not have made it. That night I also got to see a friend from back home. It was great catching up with her. On Monday, we went to a hot spring pool type of place. Who thought that I would be swimming outside in the winter?! It was great fun. Afterwards, we went to chuck-a-rama. It was a delicious buffet but of course I over ate. It was a great weekend. I love my family very much. Hopefully, they come down for school in the fall, so I can play with them all the time!